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Matts Madsen of Fisherman's Life

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Professional Angler 


Matts Madsen, creator and host of A Fisherman’s Life, grew up in a family with strong ties to the outdoors. His parents’ interest in fishing became a family passion. Weekends were spent exploring the San Fransico bay area shoreline and fishing together off the cliffs at Half Moon Bay, the Pacifica Pier and the Hyde St. Pier. As Madsen grew older, his interest in fishing continued to grow and he began to go out on his own and to find friends who were equally fascinated by fishing. Madsen honed his skill through trial and error, learning how ocean conditions effected when and where the fish were biting. After discovering YouTube videos about crab snares and crab fishing, Madsen was inspired to start his own YouTube channel. A Fisherman’s Life is the result of patience, knowledge, and letting the content speak for itself. Madsen invested in his channel over time, upgrading his gear as he gained a following, and continuing to grow as both a fisherman and a creator of content.


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