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Pelican Coolers Ice Retention

With up to two inches of polyurethane insulation, Pelican Elite Coolers will provide the most extreme ice retention around. Imagine not having to buy more ice for up to ten days. But what do you have to do to get this amazing performance with your Pelican cooler’s ice retention?

Size Matters

It’s unfortunate, but your 20QT Elite Cooler is never going to hold ice for ten days. The larger your cooler, the more insulation it has and the more ice it will hold. These factors have a big impact on the ice retention that you can expect from your cooler. You can use the chart below to get an idea of how long each size Pelican Elite Cooler will retain ice for.

Treat Your Cooler Right

Your Pelican cooler’s ice retention will be most reliable if you take the time to prepare your cooler before you use it. With as little as 12 hours of pre-chilling, you can expect much longer ice retention. And when you pack it, follow the 2:1 ratio for ice to goods and make sure that everything you put in your cooler has been chilled. You’ll thank yourself when your beers are still ice cold at the end of your trip. Finally, keep your cooler closed as much as possible. This will cut down on air flow in your cooler and your ice will stay frozen.

Cheating for the Win

If you want to really maximize your Pelican cooler’s ice retention, don’t use ice. Or rather, use ice in conjunction with ice packs or dry ice. Pelican Ice Packs freeze at 28°F, which is colder than ice. When your ice is freezing to the ice packs, you know that it’s going to last for a long time.
Or you can turn your Pelican Elite Cooler into the ultimate deep freeze with dry ice. Thanks to the gap in the gasket of all hard-sided Pelican Elite Coolers you don’t need to worry about venting your cooler. Do not use dry ice in Pelican Soft Coolers as these coolers lack a built-in vent and may explode.

Pack It Up

A well packed cooler is a cold cooler. You can use cooler lasagna to increase your Pelican cooler’s ice retention. Just remember to add ice in between every layer of goods in your cooler and then top it off with more ice to cut down on the air flow.
If you need your cooler to retain ice for the longest time possible, consider having one cooler for food and another for drinks. You’ll be in and out of the drinks cooler much more frequently, and so the food cooler’s ice retention will go up.

Living the Dream

It’s clear that a Pelican cooler’s ice retention is extreme, so aren’t you ready to experience it for yourself? Find the perfect cooler and you will be Adventure Ready for life!