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Replacement IM Pin Latch

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This replacement latch is designed for use on our injection molded, second generation 30/50/70QT Elite Coolers. Please note that this latch will not fit on the injection molded, second generation 20QT Elite Coolers.

Contents: latch, pin

Not sure what latch you need? Look for screws on your latch and consult the guide below:

No screws: Replacement IM Pin Latch (please note that 20QT injection molded coolers use a smaller latch than other injection molded coolers)

Screws on the bottom piece of latch only: Replacement Roto Pin & Screw Latch

Screws on top and bottom piece of latch: Replacement Roto Screw Latch

If you still aren’t sure, send a picture of your latch to and we can help you figure it out.