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Pelican Cooler Replacement Parts

Pelican cooler replacement parts ensure your trusted cooler remains as good as new for years to come. From durable latches, sturdy hinges, and leak-proof gaskets to versatile handles and drain plugs, Pelican offers a wide range of high-quality replacement components. Whether you need to repair a broken part or upgrade your cooler, these genuine replacement parts guarantee a perfect fit and seamless performance. Rest easy knowing that Pelican has your back with top-notch replacement options, extending the life of your favorite cooler for all your future adventures. šŸ•ļøšŸ»šŸ”§
  • Replacement Gasket

    Replacement Lid Gasket


    All Pelican Elite Coolers use a high quality, freezer grade gasket. Contents: gasket Ā  How to replace your lid gasket