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Pelican 1lb Ice Pack


Enhance your cooler's cooling efficiency with the Pelican 1lb Ice Pack. Designed to fit all Pelican Coolers, its flat design maximizes surface area for faster cooling. Pelican Ice freezes at 28.4°F (2°C), ensuring extended coldness for your food and drinks. The smallest of the Pelican Ice family, it perfectly fits both hard-sided and soft Pelican Coolers. Maximize your cooling power with this essential ice pack!

made in the usa


  • Smallest ice pack available
  • UV-protective shell
  • Non-toxic, BPA-free, FDA approved materials
  • Fits in all Pelican Coolers
  • Lifetime warranty


5.70" x 5.70" 1.10"


Will the 1lb ice pack fit inside my Pelican Cooler?

Yes! The Pelican 1lb Ice pack fits inside all Pelican Coolers:

  • 14QT
  • 20QT
  • 30QT
  • 45QT
  • 50QT
  • 70QT
  • 80QT
  • 95QT
  • 150QT
  • 250QT
  • 12-Can Elite Soft Cooler
  • 24-Can Elite Soft Cooler
  • 48-Can Elite Soft Cooler
  • Dayventure Sling Soft Cooler
  • Dayventure Backpack Soft Cooler
How long does it take Pelican Ice to freeze?

Pelican Ice takes 6–10 hours to freeze depending on the temperature of your freezer and how cool the pack was before you put it in the freezer.

Will Pelican Ice wear out from repeated use?

Pelican Ice does not wear out or lose performance after repeated use; the active ingredient will continue to give you great performance time after time. Learn more about getting the most out of a Pelican Ice pack.

How much ice vs. Pelican Ice should I use?

Pelican recommends a 50/50 mix of Pelican Ice to normal ice.

Where are Pelican Ice packs made?

Pelican Ice is made in the USA.

How much will Pelican Ice increase the life of regular ice in my cooler?

When used correctly, Pelican Ice should increase the life of regular ice by 50% or more. Learn more about how to pack your cooler to get the best ice retention.

What is the warranty of Pelican Ice?

Pelican Ice is guaranteed for life. Read the full text of the lifetime warranty on Pelican Ice packs for additional details and to learn how to file a warranty claim online.