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Pelican Dry Rack Basket


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The Pelican Dry Rack Basket, more than any other Pelican cooler accessory, is the cooler organizer you’ve been looking for. These Pelican cooler wire baskets are simple to set in your cooler as you’re packing and fill it up with all the items you want to keep chilled but not let get wet. And while you’re out on your adventures, the dry rack basket in your cooler will keep things organized almost effortlessly. That kind of ease can’t be overlooked. Say goodbye to soggy snacks and crushed eggs.


  • Powder-coated
  • Removable and washable
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Keeps food or bait elevated and dry
  • For use inside select Pelican Elite Coolers
  •  Designed in the USA; made in China


30QT: 13.00" x 10.80" x 4.00"

35/45/65/95QT: 13.00" x 11.80" x 40"

50/70QT Small: 8.00" x 11.80" x 4.00"

50/70QT Large: 11.00" x 11.80" x 4.00"

80QT: 13.00" x 12.80" x 4.00"

150/250QT: 16.50" x 16.66" x 4.00" 


What is used to finish the Pelican Dry Rack Baskets?

These cooler baskets are made of powder-coated steel wire that resists corrosion, which is key when you’re using a product in an environment that can be quite wet, like the inside of a cooler.

Does the lid still close and seal properly when using a Pelican Dry Rack Basket?

Yes. these baskets are designed specifically for Pelican Elite Coolers and will not inhibit the function of the lid or cooler performance.

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How do I clean a Pelican Dry Rack Basket?

Dry rack baskets are also easy to take care of and should be washed with soap and water before & after you use them, just like Pelican coolers! 

Which Pelican Dry Rack Basket is compatible with my Pelican Elite Cooler? 
  • 14QT: None
  • 20QT: None
  • 30QT: 30 Quart Basket
  • 45QT: 35/45/65/95 Quart Basket
  • 50QT: 50/70 Quart Small Basket OR 50/70 Quart Large Basket
  • 70QT: 50/70 Quart Small Basket and/or 50/70 Quart Large Basket
  • 80QT: 80 Quart Basket
  • 95QT: 35/45/65/95 Quart Basket
  • 150QT: 150/250 Quart Basket
  • 250QT: 150/250 Quart Basket

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Where are the Pelican Dry Rack Baskets manufactured?

All Pelican Dry Rack Baskets are designed in the USA and made in China.

What is the warranty on the Pelican Dry Rack baskets? 

No warranty is available for the Pelican Dry Rack Baskets. However, the dry rack baskets are designed to last for a long time and stand up to rough use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
Matthew P.

My partner and I live out of our car for work part of every summer, so our 50QT Pelican cooler serves as our refrigerator during those excursions. Having a basket to keep certain items from getting soaked inside the cooler is a must, and these baskets are fantastic: Deep enough to store what we need, but shallow enough to keep the ice level nice and high. Two of these baskets fit comfortably side-by-side in a 50QT cooler, and they easily lift out (or, if you just use one, slide side to side) for easy access to the ice and/or other provisions underneath.

Matthew, we appreciate you taking the time to share this kind review! Thank you!

charles r.

Great customer service great product free shipping and you offered me a discount product came sooner and expected and it was perfect

This is so great to hear, Charles! Thank you!

Tod I.

I have often wished I could keep food from getting submerged in melted ice, and this is the solution. The basket is sturdy and fits well and leaves room to reach down below.

Thank you for your kind review, Tod!

Janet D.

Arrived very timely and the family who received it was very pleased.

Thank you for the kind review!

Edward P.

Strong basket, holds almost anything.

Hi Edward! Thank you for your kind review!