NEW Pelican Cooler Divider: Adventure Ready Camp Cutting Board
NEW Pelican Cooler Divider: Adventure Ready Camp Cutting Board

NEW Pelican Cooler Divider: Adventure Ready Camp Cutting Board

You’ve been searching high and low for a Pelican cooler divider, and now it’s here! The Adventure Ready™ Camp Cutting Board makes your Pelican™ Elite Cooler work twice as hard for you, so that you can focus on the adventure ahead. When you’re not using it as a cooler divider, this product doubles as a sturdy cutting board specifically designed to be the perfect fit for your Pelican cooler. You’ll be ready to take your adventures to the next level with the Adventure Ready™ Camp Cutting Board.

Number One Customer Request

A Pelican cooler divider is by far the number one customer request you send in. Pelican 20QT, 50QT, and 70QT Elite Coolers are all designed with grooves on the inside of the cooler to fit a divider. Until now, there has never been a product designed to the specific dimensions of these coolers. The Camp Cutting Board is available in two sizes: one which fits the 20QT Elite Cooler, and one which fits in both the 50QT Elite Cooler and the 70QT Elite Cooler. Your options for organizing and packing your Pelican Elite Cooler are greater than ever now. The Camp Cutting Board is also compatible with the Dry Rack Baskets for the 50QT and 70QT Elite Coolers.

Top Quality Accessories for Top Quality Coolers

The Camp Cutting Board has been painstakingly designed and manufactured in Richmond, Virginia, to the same high standard as the Pelican™ Elite Coolers they are intended to be used with. Because the Camp Cutting Board is made from BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, NSF food safe certified plastic you’ll never need to worry when you use your cutting board. And even though you’ll already feel great for supporting American manufacturing by getting this product, you can really enjoy using it knowing that it was made using 100% solar power.

Adventure On

You don’t accept anything but the best from your cooler and cooler accessories, and now you have the ability to keep your cooler optimally organized. Now you’re adventure ready, so pack up the cooler and hit the road. America is calling, and it can’t wait to see you!