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The Best Pelican Outdoor Products For Your Outdoor Adventures

If you're here, there's a good chance you're already a fan of Pelican products including their durable cases and high performing coolers, but have you had a chance to explore Pelican Outdoor's line of tech protection and outdoor gear? 

This blog will guide you through the top must-have Pelican products that can withstand any weather condition while keeping your tech safe. Ready to elevate your camping experience? Let's dive right in!

Why Pelican Products are Perfect for Outdoor Adventures

Pelican Products are perfect for outdoor adventures because they offer durable and high-performance gear, along with protective and weather-tested cases. 

Durable and High-Performance Gear

Pelican products are known for their ultimate durability, quality, and high performance protection. Pelican Outdoor brings that same level of protection to a partnership with Case-Mate, Inc. for rugged, outdoor protection. Products from tech protection to a woobie blanket and sleeping pad, all bear Pelican's gold standard of quality. 

Protective and Weather-Tested Cases

Pelican Outdoor brings you a collection of protective and weather-tested cases designed to withstand the harshest conditions. Every case from this line-up embodies Pelican's gold standard of quality, ensuring your gear stays safe and dry regardless of how rough or wet conditions might get.

Whether it’s a sudden downpour on your hike or an unexpected dunk into a river during rafting, these waterproof phone pouches are built to keep moisture out.

Imagine trekking through snowy mountains with your tech gadgets safely tucked inside the durable Marine Waterproof 5L Dry Bag. Made from high-performance materials, this bag boasts unrivaled durability that can easily endure intense outdoor rigors while shielding your essentials from moisture damage.

Meanwhile, if you’re constantly worried about losing valuable items like your AirPods or AirTags, consider securing them in specially designed cases like the Marine Case for AirPods Pro or Protector Keychain Case for AirTag.

These sturdy encasings offer superior protection against impact and harsh elements while adding only a minimum amount of weight to your hiking pack.

For high-tech solutions that encompass both reliability and sophistication in one package, look no further than Pelican Outdoor's robust assortment of protective and weather-tested cases; an indispensable addition to any outdoor enthusiasts' arsenal!

Top Must-Have Pelican Outdoor Products

Quick Recommendation

Take a quick recommendation and explore the product list, or simply scroll down for detailed reviews. 

Specifications Table 

Product Price * Dimensions Weight Warranty
Protector MagSafe Wallet $39.99 3.97" x 2.79" x 0.47" 0.10 pounds 1 Year
Marine Waterproof 5L Dry Bag $49.99 14.96" x 11.61" x 0.59" 0.52 pounds 1 Year Limited Warranty
Marine Case for AirPods Pro Devices $29.99 2" x 3" x 1¬Ĺ" 0.13 pounds 1 Year Warranty
Adventurer 16.2" Laptop Sleeve $60.00 12.40" x 15.94" x 2.13" 1.63 pounds Limited Lifetime Warranty
Civilian Woobie Blanket $199.99 78" x 53" x 1" 1.8 pounds 3 Year Limited Warranty
Self-Inflating¬†Sleeping Pad $199.99 75¬Ĺ" x 38¬Ĺ" x 5¬ľ" 4.1 pounds 3 Year Limited Warranty
Small Gear Wrap $39.99 15" x 15" x ¬Ĺ" 0.2 pounds 3 Year Limited Warranty

*Price on at time of article publication


1. Protector MagSafe Wallet

Pelican Magnetic Wallet & Card Holder - Heavy Duty Snap-on MagSafe Wallet


Ultimate Magnetic Wallet for Secure Outdoor Adventures


  • Slim and compact design for easy storage and portability
  • Provides convenient card storage with a secure magnetic attachment
  • Works seamlessly with MagSafe cases or MagSafe capable iPhones
  • Helps protect your cards from demagnetization and damage
  • Durable construction ensures long-lasting use
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty for added peace of mind

The Protector MagSafe Wallet is the premiere choice for outdoor enthusiasts who need a durable and secure place to store their valuables. Designed by CM Brands in partnership with Pelican Products, Inc., this wallet offers features that are perfect for those constantly on-the-go.

Outdoor adventures require gear that can withstand harsh elements. This wallet has a dustproof design, protecting against dirt and environmental hazards. It's also water-resistant - an essential feature when you're caught up in unexpected downpours or river crossings. Its heavy-duty hardshell exterior ensures your cash and cards are guarded against physical damage.

This robust wallet doesn't neglect functionality either. It's designed with two separate compartments - one capable of holding up to three cards and another for cash storage. The built-in magnets are impressively strong allowing it to securely attach to any MagSafe compatible case or device.

What makes the Protector MagSafe Wallet our top pick among Pelican Outdoor collection is not just its durability but also its innovative use of technology combined with practical design choices tailored specifically for adventure seekers' needs. 


  • Strong built-in magnets that are compatible with MagSafe: The Protector MagSafe Wallet is equipped with powerful magnets that securely attach to your iPhone's MagSafe technology, ensuring a strong and reliable connection. Say goodbye to bulky and unreliable card holders!
  • Two separate compartments for holding cash and cards: This innovative wallet design features two distinct compartments ‚Äď one for storing your cash and the other for holding up to 3 of your most essential cards. Keep everything organized and readily accessible in a compact space.
  • Easy-to-use latch that opens and closes with a snap: The Protector MagSafe Wallet features an easy-to-use latch system that effortlessly opens and closes with just a simple snap. Accessing your essentials has never been quicker or easier!
  • Durable hardshell design ensures protection for your valuables: Your money and cards deserve the utmost protection, which is why this wallet is crafted from high-quality materials with a rugged hardshell construction. Rest assured knowing that your valuable items will be shielded from damage caused by drops or impacts.


  • Convenient and secure way to carry cash and cards
  • Saves space in your pocket or bag by eliminating the need for a separate wallet
  • Quick and easy access to your most frequently used cards
  • Provides added protection for your valuables with its durable design


  • Limited card capacity (can only fit up to 3 cards)
  • May interfere with wireless charging due to the built-in magnets¬†
  • Some users find the wallet to be bulky

This Protector MagSafe Wallet is perfect for the adventure-seeker who values both style and functionality. With its strong magnets and durable design, it's the ideal accessory for keeping your cards and cash secure while on-the-go. Upgrade your outdoor gear with this must-have wallet today!

Product Info

Purchase here
Price: $39.99

2. Marine Waterproof 5L Dry Bag


Pelican Marine IP68 Waterproof Dry Bag 5L


Ultimate waterproof protection for your outdoor essentials.


  • Waterproof: Keeps your belongings dry even in the harshest of marine conditions (IP68 rating).
  • Spacious: Provides ample storage space with a 5L capacity for all your essentials.
  • Durable: Made with ultra durable materials to withstand rough handling and outdoor adventures.
  • Compact: Easy to carry and store, thanks to its compact dimensions and lightweight design.
  • Versatile: Suitable for various outdoor activities like boating, fishing, camping, and more.
  • Warranty included: Comes with a 1 Year Limited Warranty for added peace of mind.

The Marine Waterproof 5L Dry Bag is a top-notch accessory for outdoor lovers, performing superbly when it comes to protecting your belongings during hiking, boating, or other water-based adventures. With an IPX68 waterproof rating and crafted from ultra-durable PVC coated 500D polyester, this bag is built to withstand the toughest weather conditions.

Notably unique about this dry bag is its clear smartphone pocket featuring a press-to-seal design. It snugly secures your phone while still allowing you to use it through the outer touchscreen window - an essential feature for those who want to stay connected yet keep their tech safe from water damage.

With a 5-liter compartment offering ample storage space for essentials like keys, sunscreen, and AirPods alongside phones- this gear proves itself as a reliable partner on any adventure trail.

Taking into account its features and price of $49.99 - which is reasonable compared to other options in the same category - we've confidently placed it at No.2 in our list of top Pelican Outdoor Products. The one-year limited warranty only adds value making it worthy of being part of anyone’s outdoor gear roster.


  • IPX68 rated waterproof: This dry bag is built to withstand any water adventure, keeping your belongings safe and dry even in the harshest conditions. From kayaking to swimming or even a day at the beach, you can trust that your valuables will remain protected.
  • Integrated press and seal clear smartphone pocket: Say goodbye to worrying about water damage on your phone. With its integrated press and seal clear smartphone pocket, you can easily access and use your phone without compromising its safety. Capture those underwater moments or stay connected with ease.
  • 5 liter compartment for essentials: Never run out of space with this 5 liter compartment. Whether it's storing your phones, keys, sunscreen, AirPods or other small items, this dry bag has enough room for all your essentials. Stay organized and carry everything you need hassle-free.
  • Detachable shoulder strap: Enjoy hands-free convenience with the detachable shoulder strap. Simply attach it to the bag and wear it comfortably across your body or over your shoulder. No more worrying about juggling multiple items while on-the-go ‚Äď keep everything secure and accessible.
  • Ultra durable material: Made from ultra-durable material, this dry bag is designed to withstand rough handling and extreme environments. Whether you're hiking through rugged terrains or navigating choppy waters, rest assured that this bag will stand up to the challenge and protect your belongings every step of the way.


  • Keeps your belongings safe and dry even in the harshest marine environments
  • Allows you to easily use your smartphone without worrying about water damage
  • Provides ample storage space for all your essentials, eliminating the need for multiple bags or pouches
  • Offers convenient hands-free carrying with the detachable shoulder strap


  • Limited storage capacity compared to larger dry bags
  • Smartphone pocket may be too small for larger phones or phone cases
  • Detachable shoulder strap may be less secure than a permanently attached strap

Looking for the ultimate protection for your essentials during your outdoor adventures? The Marine Waterproof 5L Dry Bag from Pelican is perfect for any adventure seeker who wants to keep their valuables safe and dry no matter the elements. Don't wait, get yours today and take on any outdoor challenge with confidence!

Product Info

Purchase Here
Price: $49.99

3. Marine Case for AirPods Pro Devices


Pelican Marine - AirPods Pro 2/1 Case w/ Keychain


Ultimate Protection for Your AirPods During Outdoor Adventures


  • Compact size: The Marine Case for AirPods Pro is designed to be small and easy to carry, making it convenient for on-the-go lifestyles.
  • Custom fit: Specifically designed for Apple AirPods Pro, ensuring a snug and secure fit.
  • Lightweight: Weighing only 0.13 pounds, the case adds minimal weight to your AirPods Pro while providing protection.
  • Durable construction: Made with high-quality materials, the Marine Case offers reliable protection against scratches and impacts.
  • Water-resistant: With its marine-inspired design, this case provides added water resistance, keeping your AirPods Pro safe in wet conditions.
  • Long warranty period: Enjoy peace of mind with the 1-year warranty that covers any defects or issues with the Marine Case.¬†

The Marine Case for AirPods Pro Devices is a brilliant addition to your outdoor gear. Ensuring top-notch protection for your tech, the case offers military-grade drop protection - meaning it can withstand high-impact drops and still keep your device intact. We've selected this Pelican creation as our No. 3 pick due to its impressive durability and protective features.

For those adventures that involve water, snow, or dust exposure, don't fret! This case has an IP68 rating that guarantees waterproof capabilities up to 1.5 meters deep for approximately thirty minutes while keeping particles at bay.

An extra perk comes in the form of¬†Micropel¬ģ antimicrobial protection: ideal for maintaining hygiene levels on any outdoor excursion. It also includes a¬†detachable carabiner clip; perfect for easy access when you're climbing that mountain peak or trekking through wild terrains.

Priced at $29.99, the Pelican Marine Case provides reliable safety without breaking the bank - making it a great investment to protect your AirPods Pro on all future adventure trips.


  • Military Grade Drop Protection: With the Marine Case for AirPods Pro, you don't have to worry about accidentally dropping your earbuds. This case is built with military-grade drop protection technology, ensuring that your AirPods stay safe even in the most unexpected situations.
  • IP68 Rated Waterproof: Love taking your AirPods on outdoor adventures?¬†The Marine Case has you covered. With an IP68 rating, it provides complete waterproof protection for your AirPods Pro. Rain or shine, water won't be able to damage your beloved earbuds.
  • Detachable Carabiner Clip: Tired of misplacing or losing your AirPods? The Marine Case comes with a detachable carabiner clip that securely attaches to a bag or belt loop.¬†
  • Easy Grip Material: The Marine Case is made from a specially designed easy-grip material that gives you a firm hold on your case.¬†
  • Lightning Cable Access: Need to charge your AirPods? No problem! The Marine Case features precise cutouts allowing easy access to the lightning port at the bottom of the case. You can conveniently charge without removing the case, saving you time and hassle.


  • Superior protection against drops and impact
  • Waterproof design for worry-free use near water or wet environments
  • Convenient and secure attachment to bags or clothing with carabiner clip
  • Easy handling and grip, preventing accidental slips or drops


  • Bulky design
  • Limited color options
  • May be difficult to open and close
  • Some users have reported durability issues with the charging port cover¬†

Whether you're hiking, camping, or hitting the beach, this case will protect your AirPods from drops, water damage and dirt.

Product Info

Purchase Here
Price: $29.99

4. Adventurer 16.2" Laptop Sleeve


Open Pelican Adventurer 16.2" Laptop Sleeve


Ultimate protection for your laptop during outdoor adventures


  • Durable and protective laptop sleeve for any major¬†brand laptop up to 16.2"
  • Slim and lightweight design for easy transport
  • Water-resistant¬†zipper closure to keep your laptop secure
  • 4 layer protection
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty for peace of mind.¬†

The Adventurer 16.2" Laptop Sleeve is a top-tier protective gear for your tech devices. Adaptable to any major brand of laptops up to 16.2 inches, this sleeve ensures high-level protection and security while on the move. Its multi-layered padding and rugged exterior are designed to withstand harsh conditions without compromising on your laptop's safety. 

Notably, it houses internal straps that lock your device in place and the water-resistant zipper guards against any unexpected spills or weather surprises The unique clamshell design lets you work directly on your laptop without having it out of the sleeve.

The Adventurer Laptop Sleeve includes an internal mesh pocket which enables safe storage of small essentials like USBs or chargers, keeping everything organized and within reach. On top of all these features, an elastic handle lends easy portability making it ideal for those always on-the-go.

The Pelican Adventurer Laptop Sleeve comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty which is another feature we love about Pelican products. Whether you need a secure laptop sleeve for everyday use or are planning to travel with your laptop, the Adventurer 16.2" Laptop Sleeve stands as one worthy contender among Pelican Outdoor Products.


  • Fits laptops of any brand up to 16.2 inches: Never worry about whether your laptop will fit in this sleeve. It's designed to accommodate most laptop brands and sizes up to 16.2 inches, ensuring a perfect fit for your device.
  • Durable exterior with multiple layers of padding for added protection: With 4 layers of protection including woven neoprene interior, EVA foam padding, hard-shell EVA, and 900D nylon, this sleeve offers superior protection for your laptop. Say goodbye to scratches, dents, and other damage caused by everyday wear and tear.
  • Internal mesh pocket for storing small essentials: Stay organized on the go with the internal mesh pocket. It's perfect for keeping track of your charging cables, mouse, or other small accessories so you can easily find them when you need them.
  • Internal straps to securely hold your device in place: The built-in straps inside the sleeve keep your laptop securely fastened during travel or while carrying it around. No more worrying about your device slipping out or getting damaged due to movement.
  • Water-resistant zipper for ultimate protection: Don't let rain or spills ruin your laptop. The water-resistant zipper ensures that no moisture gets inside the sleeve, providing ultimate protection against unexpected accidents.
  • Clamshell design allows you to work on your laptop without removing it from the sleeve: Need to quickly access something on your laptop? With the clamshell design, simply open up the sleeve like a book and start working - no need to remove your device from its protective case.
  • Elastic handle for easy transportation:¬†Easy carry handle


  • Fits laptops of any brand up to 16.2 inches, providing universal compatibility
  • Multiple layers of padding offer superior protection for your laptop
  • Internal mesh pocket allows for convenient storage of small essentials
  • Clamshell design enables you to work on your laptop without the hassle of removing it from the sleeve


  • Limited color options
  • Users who want a hard-shell, crush-proof style laptop case will need to continue to look for best laptop protection for their needs.¬†This is a padded laptop sleeve, and not a hard-shelled, crush-proof case as some users pointed out.¬†

Product Info

Purchase Here
Price: $60.00

5. Civilian Woobie Blanket


Black Pelican Outdoor Woobie Blanket showed rolled with Pelican storage bag


Ultimate warmth and versatility for your outdoor adventures.


  • Lightweight and compact design for easy transport and storage
  • Provides insulation in cold weather with 600¬†down fill
  • Made with heavy-duty¬†coated ripstop nylon shell
  • Versatile use as a blanket, sleeping bag, or wearable blanket¬†
  • Generous size of 78 inches x 53 inches provides ample coverage
  • Backed by a 3-year limited warranty for peace of mind.

The Civilian Woobie Blanket is a versatile, high-quality blanket that serves multiple purposes. Designed with the outdoors in mind for both its warmth and packability, this blanket offers excellent protection thanks to its genuine duck down fill insulation and integrated stuff sack for storage. Whether you're camping under the stars, enjoying an outdoor event on a chilly night, or including in your car's emergency kit, this insulating blanket ensures maximum comfort and coziness.

Crafted with a durable ripstop nylon shell, the Woobie promises long-term durability regardless of your adventure scenarios. Its high-visibility trim is particularly beneficial during nighttime or low-light conditions, enhancing safety when hiking or traveling. It's equipped with side button fasteners that allow you to transform it into a sleeping bag or even wear it for extra heat conservation.

This lightweight blanket impresses us further by incorporating an integrated stuff sack for packing or an easy place to house your phone. Plus, maintaining it is breeze as well; just throw it in your washing machine (though remember to hang dry or tumble on low/no heat).

At $199.99, some might find The Civilian Woobie Blanket pricey but considering its array of features designed for superior functionality and durability combined with easy maintenance procedures; we believe it delivers fantastic value for the money! From camping trips to unexpected power outages at home ‚Äď having this product handy means always staying warm and comfortable no matter what life throws at you.


  • Insulated with genuine duck down fill for superior warmth: Stay cozy and warm even on the coldest nights with the luxurious insulation provided by genuine duck down. Feel like you're wrapped in a cloud while enjoying outdoor activities or snuggling up at home.
  • Durable ripstop nylon shell with high-visibility nylon trim: Built to withstand the elements, this blanket features a rugged ripstop nylon shell that resists tears and abrasions. The high-visibility nylon trim adds both style and safety, ensuring you can easily spot your blanket in any setting.
  • Features side button fasteners for use as a sleeping bag or for wearing: Versatility is key, and this blanket delivers. With convenient side button fasteners, you can easily transform it into a sleeping bag for camping adventures or snap it to wear as a poncho while sitting around a campfire.
  • Lightweight and easily packable for hiking or travel: This lightweight woobie blanket is designed to be compact and easy to pack, making it the perfect companion for hiking and camping trips.
  • Integrated stuff sack doubles as a convenient phone pouch: Keep your essentials close at hand with the integrated stuff sack that also functions as a handy phone pouch. No more fumbling around searching for your phone ‚Äď simply tuck it into the built-in pocket while using the blanket, ensuring easy access whenever needed.
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning (hang dry or tumble low/no heat):¬†For convenient maintenance.


  • Provides superior warmth with genuine duck down insulation
  • Versatile design allows for use as a sleeping bag or wearable
  • Lightweight and easily packable for hiking or travel convenience
  • Easy to clean with machine washability for added convenience


  • Duck down fill may cause allergies or sensitivities in some individuals
  • Price may be higher compared to other similar blankets on the market

Product Info

Purchase Here
Price: $199.99

6. Rugged Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad


Pelican Sleeping Pad in black that is inflated


Ultimate Comfort for Outdoor Adventures


  • Memory Foam Comfort
  • Self-Inflating Technology
  • Integrated Armrests and Head Pillow
  • Waterproof 190T-PVC Outer Shell

Experience unparalleled comfort in the great outdoors with the Pelican Rugged Sleeping Pad. Crafted with the same commitment to durability and innovation as the other Pelican Outdoor products, this sleeping pad is a must-have for those who seek a comfortable and secure rest during their outdoor excursions.


  • Memory Foam Comfort: The Rugged Sleeping Pad features a 19D memory foam inner core, providing a luxurious and supportive sleeping surface. Say goodbye to uncomfortable nights in the wild and embrace the ultimate in outdoor sleeping comfort.
  • Self-Inflating Technology: Setting up your sleeping space has never been easier. The self-inflating design ensures that your sleeping pad is ready for use with minimal effort, allowing you to focus on what matters most ‚Äď your adventure.
  • Carry Pouch:¬†Includes a carry pouch with a shoulder strap for easy carry.
  • Integrated Armrests and Head Pillow: Enjoy added convenience with integrated armrests and a head pillow. These thoughtful additions not only enhance comfort but also keep you securely in place, ensuring a good night's sleep even in challenging conditions.
  • Waterproof 190T-PVC Outer Shell: The outer shell of the sleeping pad is made from waterproof 190T-PVC material, providing reliable protection against the elements. Stay dry and comfortable, no matter the weather conditions during your outdoor escapades.


  • Unmatched Comfort: The 19D memory foam ensures a comfortable and supportive sleep, even in rugged outdoor conditions.
  • Convenient Setup: The self-inflating design simplifies the process of preparing your sleeping space, allowing you to focus on your outdoor experience.
  • Weather-Resistant: The waterproof 190T-PVC outer shell provides reliable protection against the elements, keeping you dry and comfortable.


  • Bulkier than Ultralight Options: Some users may find the sleeping pad to be bulkier compared to ultralight alternatives.
  • Higher Price Point: While the quality and features justify the cost, the price of $199.99 may be higher than some budget-friendly options.

Upgrade your outdoor sleeping experience with the Pelican Rugged Sleeping Pad ‚Äď where comfort meets durability for the ultimate adventure. Purchase yours today and elevate your outdoor rest to a new level of luxury.

Product Info

Purchase Here
Price: $199.99

7. Small Gear Wrap


Pelican Small Gear Wrap folded around camera lense


Ultimate gear protection for your outdoor adventures.


  • Versatile size: The Small Gear Wrap measures 15" x 15" x ¬Ĺ", providing ample space to secure and organize various types of gear.
  • Lightweight design: Weighing just 0.2 pounds, this gear wrap is incredibly lightweight, making it easy to carry and transport.
  • Durable materials: Constructed with high-quality 210D Nylon, the Small Gear Wrap is built to withstand everyday wear and tear while keeping your gear protected.
  • Secure closure: The Hook & Loop tabs ensure a strong and reliable closure, keeping your gear securely in place during transportation or storage.
  • Long-lasting warranty: Backed by a generous 3-year limited warranty, you can trust in the quality and durability of this product for years to come.
  • Convenient organization: Whether you're traveling or simply organizing at home, the Gear Wrap provides a convenient solution for keeping your belongings neatly organized and easily accessible.

As an individual who enjoys the great outdoors or is always on the move, protecting your gear becomes a top priority. The Gear Wrap shines in this aspect - it's not just a simple protector, it's a game-changer for all outdoor enthusiasts and tech-savvy individuals alike. High strength nylon plush outer & trim 210D nylon ensures that your items are free from scratches, while the innovative closed cell foam padding provides extra cushioning.

The versatile 4 corner hook and loop closure makes securing your gear easy and efficient. Be it camera lenses, phones, small speakers, or binoculars; everything stays snugly wrapped within its protective cocoon, safe from dings and dents even in harsh environments of outdoor adventures. Plus with its lightweight design weighing only 0.2 lb., carrying around this wrap doesn't feel like lugging heavy luggage.

At a competitive base price of $39.99 along with a surety of Pelican products‚Äô reliability backed by CM Brands partnership ‚Äď this Gear Wrap¬†will provide great protection for your equipment.¬†


  • High strength nylon plush outer & trim 210D nylon for anti-scratch coverage: This feature ensures that your large gear is protected from scratches and damage while being stored or transported. You can have peace of mind knowing that your valuable items will remain in great condition.
  • Closed cell foam padded with easy fold core molding: The closed cell foam padding provides an extra layer of protection, ensuring that your gear remains safe even during rough handling. Additionally, the easy-fold core molding allows for convenient storage and quick access to your items.
  • Versatile 4 corner hook and loop closure keeps gear secure: With the 4 corner hook and loop closure system, you can easily adjust and secure your gear inside the wrap. No more worrying about loose items shifting around - everything will stay in place, keeping it organized and reducing the risk of damage.
  • Lightweight and packable: This large gear wrap is designed to be lightweight, making it easy to carry around without adding unnecessary weight to your load. When not in use, it can be folded up neatly into a compact size for effortless storage or transportation.
  • Holds items such as camera lenses, phones, small radios, and flashlights: Whether you need to protect your camera gear on a photography trip or keep your small electronics safe during travel, this gear wrap has you covered. It offers versatility in its usage by accommodating different types of equipment securely.


  • Durable protection for your valuable gear
  • Easy and convenient storage solution
  • Versatile design fits a variety of large items
  • Lightweight and portable for on-the-go use
  • Also available in a large gear wrap size option of¬†23¬Ĺ" x 23¬Ĺ" x ¬Ĺ" if need more space for larger gear¬†


  • Limited color options
  • Not waterproof¬†

Ideal for the adventurous traveler or outdoor enthusiast, the Gear Wrap from Pelican is a must-have accessory for keeping your essential gear safe and organized on all your expeditions. Don't compromise on quality and convenience when it comes to your outdoor adventures, get yours now and take the first step towards hassle-free packing!

Product Info

Purchase Here
Price: $39.99

Other Pelican Favorites

If you're looking to explore other Pelican products outside of their Pelican Outdoor partnership with Case-Mate, we're big fans of their cases and coolers. A few of our favorites include:

Pelican R20 Personal Utility Ruck Case

Closed case-R20 Pelican Personal Utility Ruck Case-in OD green



  • Maximum protection with a crushproof design
  • IP68 rated protection from water, dirt, snow & dust
  • Built-in pressure valve - Keeps water and dust out while balancing air pressure
  • Versatile storage for a variety of items
  • Snap-in, flexible lid organizer
  • Life-time guarantee
  • Exterior dimensions:¬†8.96" x 4.83" x 2.88"¬†

1615 Pelican Air Case

Closed case-1615 Pelican Air Case in yellow


  • Lightweight design: Weighs only 14.06 pounds when empty, making it easy to transport and carry.
  • Durable construction: Made from a proprietary polypropylene blend, ensuring strength and resilience.
  • Watertight protection: Features an EPDM O-ring seal to keep contents safe from water damage.
  • Extreme temperature resistance: Can withstand temperatures as low as -60 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 160 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Customizable¬†organization:¬†Has the option to add foam, padded dividers, or TrekPak
  • Secure closure: Equipped with ABS latches that securely lock the case for added peace of mind.


Pelican 20QT Elite Cooler

Closed cooler-Pelican 20QT Elite Cooler in white/grey


  • Exceptional insulation system for long-lasting ice retention of up to 2 days
  • Rugged design ensures durability in tough outdoor conditions
  • 20-quart capacity provides ample storage space
  • Unique¬†tall and slim design allows it to fit a wine bottle inside and can conveniently fit behind your car‚Äôs front seat.¬†
  • Guaranteed for life¬†


Conclusion: Gear up with the Best Pelican Products for Your Next Outdoor Adventure

A backpack filled with Pelican Outdoor products on a rugged mountain trail.

Whether it's the Protector MagSafe Wallet or the Marine Waterproof 5L Dry Bag, Pelican Outdoor's products are ready to accompany you on your next adventure. With their durability and high performance, these gear items ensure that nothing stands in the way of your outdoor experience.


1. What kind of tech protection does Pelican offer for outdoor adventures?

In partnership with Case-Mate, Pelican offers robust tech protection designed to safeguard your gadgets in the outdoors, including gear wrap and Apple watch bumpers.

2. How can a gear wrap protect my devices during an adventure?

A gear wrap provides cushioning to your devices against shocks, scratches, or impacts that could happen during your outdoor adventures.

3. Why should I consider getting an Apple watch band from Pelican?

An Apple watch band from Pelican is durable and specifically built for rugged use, making it suitable for various outdoor activities without worrying about any damages.

4. What makes the Apple watch bumper from Pelican outstanding?

The Apple watch bumper from Pelican ensures complete coverage, including a raised bezel for scratch protection, of your timepiece providing maximum shield when enjoying outdoor escapades.

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