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Pelican 35/45/65/95 Quart Dry Rack Basket


Optimize your Pelican™ Elite Cooler with the Dry Rack Basket. Durable metal design for efficient organization and storage. Safeguard delicate items from getting crushed. Simplify your cooler experience!


  • Powder-coated
  • Removable and washable
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Keeps food or bait elevated and dry
  • For use inside select Pelican Elite Coolers: 35QT, 45QT, 65QT, or 95QT Pelican Elite Coolers
  • Designed in the USA; made in China


13.00" x 11.8.0" x 4.00"


What is used to finish the Pelican Dry Rack Baskets?

These cooler wire baskets are made of powder-coated steel wire that resists corrosion, which is key when you’re using a product in an environment that can be quite wet, like the inside of a cooler.

Does the lid still close and seal properly when using a Pelican 35/45/65/95 Quart Dry Rack Basket?

Yes. This wire basket is designed specifically for the Pelican 35, 45, 65, or 95QT Elite Coolers and will not inhibit the function of the lid or cooler performance. Learn more about how to pack your Pelican Elite Cooler with a Pelican Dry Rack Basket. 

How do I clean a Pelican 35/45/65/95 Quart Dry Rack Basket?

Dry rack baskets are also easy to take care of and should be washed with soap and water before & after you use them, just like Pelican Elite Coolers!

Which Pelican Elite Coolers does this basket fit?

This basket only fits in the 35QT, 45QT, 65QT, and 95QT Pelican Elite Coolers. Learn more about Pelican Elite Cooler, Pelican Dry Rack basket, and cutting board compatibility.

Please note: The 35QT and 65QT Pelican Elite Coolers have been discontinued by the manufacturer and are no longer available for purchase. Learn more about the second-generation injection-molded (IM) Pelican Elite Coolers. 

Where is the Pelican 35/45/65/95 Quart Dry Rack Basket manufactured?

All Pelican Dry Rack Baskets are designed in the USA, and made in China.

What is the warranty on the Pelican 35/45/65/95 Quart Dry Rack Baskets? 

No warranty is available for the Pelican Dry Rack Baskets. However, the dry rack baskets are designed to last for a long time and stand up to rough use.