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50/70 Quart Camp Cutting Board & Cooler Divider


Level up your cooler organization with the Adventure Ready™ Camp Cutting Board designed for 50QT or 70QT Pelican™ Elite Coolers. This BPA-free cutting board doubles as a convenient divider, optimizing your cooler space. Crafted in Richmond, Virginia, it ensures you're adventure-ready for every journey. Get your Camp Cutting Board now and experience hassle-free adventure preparation!

made in the usa


  • Made with 100% solar power
  • Non-porous
  • Odor resistant
  • NSF Certified Food Grade Plastics
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA-free
  • Designed for the middle slot of the cooler


12.90" x 0.38" x 13.20"


Which Adventure Ready™ Camp Cutting Board is compatible with my Pelican Elite Cooler? 

This cutting board is compatible with a 50QT or 70QT Pelican Elite Cooler.

Does the lid still close and seal properly when using the Adventure Ready™ Cutting Board?

Yes. These dividers are designed specifically for Pelican Elite Coolers and will not inhibit the function of the lid or cooler performance.

Where are these cutting boards made?

The Adventure™ Ready Camp Cutting Boards are made in the USA with pure solar power.

Are these cutting boards also compatible with Pelican Dry Rack Baskets?

The Camp Cutting Board is also compatible with the Dry Rack Baskets for the 50QT and 70QT Elite Coolers. Learn more about dry rack baskets and cutting board compatibility

  50-WB 70-WB 50-WB & 70-WB
50QT Up to two baskets Nope! Nope
70QT Up to two baskets Up to two baskets You bet!
Are these cutting boards also compatible with Pelican Ice?

Yes! Learn more about the Pelican Ice and cutting board compatibility

Does the Adventure Ready™ Camp Cutting Board create a watertight seal on each side of the cutting board?

No. When used as a cooler organizer, these dividers will not create a watertight barrier between the sides of your coolers.