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Pelican 14QT Personal Cooler & Dry Box

Color: Dark Grey / Green

Your cooler will perform to your expectations, or we'll make it right.

Did you know most lunchbox coolers are used over 200 times a year?

So if you go with one of our competitors, you may end up having to replace your cooler every year, which will end up costing you hundreds of dollars per year…

But here with PelicanCoolers, we give you a 3 year minimum warranty for every cooler.

So backed by our multi-year warranty, we can proudly say that you should not expect any more wet sandwiches or warm drinks

So feel free to use your Pelican 14QT cooler however you want, knowing we’ve got you covered

But how can we be so sure of the quality of our Pelican 14QT cooler?

Well - the Pelican 14QT cooler is made up of cutting edge injection-molded polypropylene which is then expertly insulated with polyurethane foam

This ensures premium grade ice holding capabilities, durability and structural integrity

Don't believe us?

Well, here's what some Pelican 14QT purchasers have to say :

"10/10 especially working in this Texas heat. Temps haven’t been below 103 in weeks and only rising. I can depend on this cooler to keep my food and drinks cold during my work week. I have to add ice every 3 to 4 days depending on how often I’m in it. Well worth the money."

"Been without power for 2days had some drinks and lunch meat In the cooler with about 2lbs of ice. 2days later still got plenty of ice. Have also used it for a six pack here and there"

"Customer service is excellent and shipping time awesome! I absolutely love all the different compartments this cooler offers! My cooler had sat in the 95 degree sun for 10 and a half hours with only a quart of ice in it and when I got home there was still little chunks of ice in the bag. I think that is very good!"

So if you’re unhappy with your cooler or if you have any issues at all...

Just know that we will make it right with our 3 year warranty

Order now while supplies last!


  • Holds a 6 pack of cans and 2x 1lb Pelican Ice Packs
  • Ice retention up to 36 hours
  • Integrated dry box built into the lid
  • Snap-in flexible lid organizer
  • Bottle opener with bottle cap catcher magnet
  • Inner tray to keep food/drinks separate
  • Easy carry handle
  • 3-year warranty


  • Interior (without basket): 12.75" x 7.25" x 8.75"
  • Interior (with basket): 12.75" x 7.25" x 6.75"
  • Dry storage interior: 13.25" x 7.25" x 0.50"
  • Exterior: 18.00" x 11.50" x 13.00"
  • Base: 14.00" x 8.75"
  • Volume: 13.20 L
  • Weight: 8.30 lbs
  • Insulation thickness: 1.50”


What can the Pelican 14QT Personal Cooler hold?

This personal cooler (aka lunchbox cooler) is designed to hold lunch with ice packs and a drink for one person, or a 6 pack of cans with ice for one person.  Check out how it stacks up in comparison with Pelican coolers for everyday use and with the rest of the core Pelican Elite Coolers.

How long can the Pelican 14QT Personal Cooler hold ice?

When you follow the 2:1 ratio of ice to goods (or two packs of 1lb Pelican Ice), this cooler will get up to 36 hours of ice retention, but it’s largely dependent on outside conditions. Learn more about how to get the best ice retention from your Pelican Elite Cooler.

Where are Pelican 14QT Personal Coolers manufactured?

Pelican 14QT Coolers are made in China. If you’re looking for a Pelican Cooler made in the USA, shop the Elite line of coolers.

What is the Pelican 14QT Personal Cooler made out of?

The outside of the 14QT cooler is made of injection-molded polypropylene which is then insulated with polyurethane foam. The lid is made of ABS plastic and the all-metal hardware present is made of stainless steel.

Which replacement parts fit this cooler? 

At this time we do not carry replacement parts for the Pelican 14QT Pelican Personal Cooler. For replacement parts and all other warranty-related claims, please contact the warranty department by filing a warranty claim with Pelican.